Tired of opening terminals and typing commands? Jumpstart your work.
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Jumpstart is a python script for opening a set of terminal prompt at specific locations and execute scpecific commands. This script is tailored for the Tilit terminal emulator and will not work with other terminal emulators. This script is meant to remove the minor but existing pain of recreating a work environment again and again. I did not find any other script to do that, but if it exists let me know.


Jumpstart will execute an arbitrary number of tilix commands based on the specified template choosen. The parameters needed for the positions of the windows are stored in the params_default.json file. The templates are stored in the template\ folder. The parameters of the templates are:

  • name: the name of the window.
  • dir: the directory to move in before executing the command.
  • dimensions_rel: the relatives dimensions of the window (top/bottom/right/left/half_width/half_height).
  • dimensions_abs: Absolute dimensions of the window in row, collumns and pixel positions.
  • command: Command to execute in the window.