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Matrix Instagram Bridge

Install the matrix bridge for instagram:

This role is part of my ansible roles. It is made to interact with other roles that are listed here, and require some variables.

Role required:

  • postgre (TODO: ADD LINK HERE)

Variable required:

ansible_managed: str, msg indicating a file managed by ansible
matrix_server_name: the matrix server name
matrix_bridge_instagram_postgre_user_pwd: **SECRET** pwd for connecting to the postgre db
matrix_bridge_instagram_allowed_external_user: list of external users allow to use the bridge
matrix_bridge_instagram_admins: list of admins

Add role to you ansible playbook:

To add this role to your project, you can use git submodules:

git submodule add ssh:// roles/matrix-bridge-instagram
git submodule init

Copyright 2021 Jean-Marie Mineau, Virgile Retault