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jeltz c0a606c505
network: bridge-tunnel: add [BridgeTunnel] section
4 months ago
.clusterfuzzlite ci: merge seed corpora with public OSS-Fuzz corpora on CFLite 5 months ago
.github ci: explicitly disable multi-status for Super-Linter 5 months ago
.lgtm/cpp-queries ci: pack-ify our custom CodeQL queries and enable them in Actions 7 months ago
.semaphore Change all fixed-path bash shebangs to /u/b/env bash outside test/ 7 months ago
LICENSES network: license all config files as CC0 6 months ago
catalog meson: Add missing test dependencies 5 months ago
coccinelle coccinelle: automatically switch some uses of memcpy() → mempcpy() 5 months ago
docs docs: $SYSTEMD_NSS_BYPASS_BUS is not honoured anymore, don't document it 5 months ago
factory factory/locale.conf: mention systemd ownership 6 months ago
hwdb.d hwdb: 60-keyboard: Support the buttons on CZC P10T tablet 5 months ago
man network: bridge-tunnel: add [BridgeTunnel] section 4 months ago
mkosi.default.d mkosi: Add more packages required to run 5 months ago
modprobe.d meson: install the right README file in modprobe.d 1 year ago
network network: add example file that enables DHCP on ethernet links 6 months ago
po fix italian translations to display unit name 5 months ago
presets units: enable systemd-network-generator by default 7 months ago
rules.d rule: fallback to use board information if product information is not set 5 months ago
shell-completion bus-dump: change capture output to use pcapng (#21738) 6 months ago
src network: bridge-tunnel: add [BridgeTunnel] section 4 months ago
sysctl.d build: preserve correct mode when generating files via jinja2 8 months ago
sysusers.d sysusers: avoid creating spurious "nobody" group 7 months ago
test network: bridge-tunnel: add [BridgeTunnel] section 4 months ago
tmpfiles.d factory: populate /etc/locale.conf with systemd build-time setting 6 months ago
tools ci: merge seed corpora with public OSS-Fuzz corpora on CFLite 5 months ago
units units: we need systemd-journald.service from systemd-journal-flush.service 5 months ago
xorg xorg/50-systemd-user: add a full license header 9 months ago
.clang-format various: fix three spelling issues found by fossies 6 months ago
.ctags editors: Prevent ctags from following symlinks 3 years ago
.dir-locals.el scripts: use 4 space indentation 3 years ago
.editorconfig editorconfig: set maximum line length to 109 for man/*.xml files 9 months ago
.gitattributes gitattributes: introduce and use "generated" attribute 9 months ago
.gitignore gitignore: remove patterns for build files in source dir 7 months ago
.lgtm.yml ci: add a missing SPDX header 7 months ago
.mailmap mailmap: two more names 1 year ago
.packit.yml packit: drop unnumbered patches as well 5 months ago
.vimrc scripts: use 4 space indentation 3 years ago ycm: add doc string for all the functions in configuration file 5 years ago
LICENSE.GPL2 relicense to LGPLv2.1 (with exceptions) 10 years ago
LICENSE.LGPL2.1 licence: remove references to old FSF address 10 years ago
Makefile tree-wide: add spdx header on all scripts and helpers 1 year ago
NEWS NEWS: update excerpt on container UID/GID mappings 5 months ago
README README: CONFIG_KCMP is the new kernel compile time option for kcmp() 5 months ago Fix loading of graphs 7 months ago
TODO TODO 5 months ago
configure tools: shellcheck-ify tool scripts 9 months ago meson: disable export-dbus-interfaces target when cross-compiling 5 months ago
meson_options.txt meson: Remove efi-cc option 6 months ago ci: check for failed services after boot 7 months ago
mkosi.postinst ci: check for failed services after boot 7 months ago


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Most documentation is available on systemd's web site.

Assorted, older, general information about systemd can be found in the systemd Wiki.

Information about build requirements is provided in the README file.

Consult our NEWS file for information about what's new in the most recent systemd versions.

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