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histausse fd191f7dfe
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2 years ago
apt_proxy.yml tell apt to use the proxy on all machines connected to the vpn 3 years ago
ca.yml I can't belive I lost the CA's key 3 years ago
generate_self_signed_certificate.yml generate self signed certificate 3 years ago
in_memoriam.yml update X-Claks 3 years ago
install_gitea use variable to configure ports 3 years ago
install_keycloak use variable to configure ports 3 years ago
matrix.yml finished telegram bridge 2 years ago
networking.yml update vpn config 2 years ago
revers_proxy.yml clean old stuff 3 years ago
reverse_proxy_stream.yml whatever 3 years ago
totp.yml forgot the variables too ^^ 3 years ago
user_vault add vms to test vm and user dorian 3 years ago
user_vault.example generate totp secret 3 years ago
vars.yml user prod room 3 years ago
vault finished telegram bridge 2 years ago
vault.example add exemple for the user_vault 3 years ago
vpn.yml centralize the declaration of the intranet ip plan 3 years ago
vpn_vault add settings for the new matrix vm 3 years ago
vpn_vault.example add keys 3 years ago
web_services.yml update webservices 2 years ago