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# My todo list
Stuff that I should do but will probably never do.
## Polish the user role
The role is fine, but could use some default filter, like for the shell value.
Also, the variables are messy.
Also, a more atomique gestion of the users would be great.
## Create a role "generate certificate"
Curently, reverse_proxt_http and similare roles implement certbot themselves, and there is a role
for generating self signed certificate.
It would be better to manage certbot in a role, to allow off-wan machine to use reverse_proxy_http with self signed certificates for instance.
Bonus point if the role chose whether to use certbot or a self-signed certificate (but the dependencie gestion could begin to get tricky :/ )
## Proxmox setup
- x509 for clickodrom
- bind the clickodrom to a specific interface
- remove the "please pay us" message
- remove the enterprise apt repo
## VM setup
- create a VM from template using cloud init
- add VM to dynamic inventory
- use the cloud init account to connect to the new VM
- setup the VM
- disable cloud init
- remove cloud init account and change the connenction variable for the vm
good luck